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What care services do you offer for elderly clients in their homes?

We offer the following care to our service-users:

  • Personal care assistance (bathing, grooming, dressing)
  • Medication management
  • Mobility assistance
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housekeeping (cleaning, laundry)
  • Companionship and socialisation
  • Transportation to appointments or outings
  • Assistance with exercises and physical therapy
  • Respite care for family caregivers
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)

  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Coordination of care with healthcare professionals including GPs and district nurses
  • Emotional support and mental stimulation
  • Safety monitoring
  • Assistance with managing chronic conditions including motor neurone disease
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's care
  • Palliative and end-of-life care
  • Assisting with errands and grocery shopping

What is the difference between home care and being in a care home?


A residential care home is a facility where you would live full-time, receiving care and support in a communal living environment.

We provide home care in Barnet and surrounding areas to provide care and support for you in the comfort of your own home without restrictions such as set mealtimes, visitor times and activities.


Home care services such as the one we provide prioritise enabling you to maintain your independence and quality of life while receiving the necessary assistance and support.

Care Structure 

Residential care homes have a structured care plan designed to meet the needs of all residents in the facility. Our Home care services offer person centred care, personalised care plans tailored to each individual's specific requirements and preferences.


Residential care homes usually have a fixed cost structure that covers accommodation, meals, and care services. Our home care services typically charge an hourly rate for the specific services provided, allowing flexibility and cost control for the client.

It's important for you and your family to evaluate your needs, preferences, and budget to determine the most suitable option for your care.

How can I arrange for a care assistant to come for hourly visits?

We can arrange a home or video consultation which should last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on specific needs and circumstances. During the consultation, you, a close relative, and a representative of Time2Care Barnet should be present.

The consultation will include a needs assessment, Care Plan discussion, safety, and home evaluation as well as any questions or concerns you may have.

The service agreement will also be discussed. The goal is to make sure you feel well informed. We offer this service for both home care and respite care in Barnet and the surrounding region.

Are your care assistants available during weekends and holidays?

Yes, whether we are providing home care or respite care in Barnet, our care assistants are available during holidays and weekends, we also provide support for accompanied holidays, a service provided for those travelling alone and can also be tailored to support a client who is holidaying with family or friends.

What measures do you have in place to ensure the safety and well-being of elderly clients at Time2Care Barnet?

Care assistant selection and Training

Time2Care Barnet has a rigorous selection process to ensure that all caregivers are appropriately trained and qualified for the tasks they will be performing. This includes proper training in all aspects of care, first aid, and emergency procedures.

Care Plan Development 

A thorough assessment of your needs will be undertaken, and a comprehensive care plan will be developed. This plan will include details about medication administration, specific care procedures, dietary restrictions, and any other specialised care requirements. This plan will also include risk assessments taken to ensure your safety.

Regular Supervision and Monitoring

Time2Care Barnet have a system in place to regularly supervise and monitor the care assistants and the quality of care being provided.

This includes regular check-ins, ongoing training and development, and performance evaluations. Whether you require regular home care or respite care in Barnet, we will make sure our quality of care is always of a high standard.

Emergency Response Plan 

A well-defined emergency response plan will be in place to handle any unexpected situations or medical emergencies that may arise while the care assistant is with the service user.

This plan should include clear instructions for communication, contacting emergency services, and any specific protocols related to the client's medical condition.

Communication with Family Members 

Regular communication the service user's family members or designated contacts is essential for keeping them informed about the service user's well-being. This can include updates on the care provided, any changes in the service user's health or conditions, and any other pertinent information that may affect the service user's well-being.

How do you match care assistants to clients based on their needs and personalities?

To effectively match care assistants to service users based on their needs and personalities, Time2care Barnet follows these steps:

Service user Assessment

Time2care conducts a thorough assessment of the service user needs, preferences, and personality traits. This can be done through consultations, questionnaires, and interviews with the service user, their family, and healthcare professionals.

Care screening and the Selection

We have developed a comprehensive selection process to evaluate the skills, qualifications, and experience of potential care assistants. This includes background checks, reference checks, and qualifications. 

Skills and Experience Match 

We match the specific skills and experience of care assistant with the needs of the client. Factors to consider include medical conditions, specialised care requirements, and level of assistance needed.

Personality and Compatibility

Pay attention to the client's personality traits and preferences and aim to match them with caregivers who possess complementary qualities. For example, if a client is introverted and enjoys quiet activities, pairing them with a caregiver who shares similar traits can enhance the client's comfort and satisfaction.

Trial Period and Feedback

We implement a trial period where the care assistant and client can interact and assess compatibility. We encourage open communication and feedback from both parties to ensure that the match is successful. If adjustments are necessary, we will explore alternate matches until a suitable care assistant client pairing is achieved.

Can the care assistants help with medication management and administration?

Our care assistants can aid with medication for elderly people in their homes in the following ways:

Medication Reminders and prompts

Carers can remind the elderly clients to take their medication at the prescribed times.

Medication Organisation

They can help organise the medication in pill organisers or other suitable containers, ensuring that the appropriate doses are easily accessible. 

Medication Administration

Authorised and trained, care assistants can help administer medications, such as oral medications, eye drops, or topical creams, as per the prescribed instructions.

Prescription Management

Care assistants and office management can assist with managing the client's prescriptions by ensuring they are refilled on time, tracking medication changes, and communicating with the pharmacy or healthcare professionals as needed. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Care assistants and management can observe the client for any adverse reactions to medications or changes in their condition, promptly reporting any concerns to the client's GP or district nurses.

How do you handle emergencies or unexpected situations while the care assistant is with the client?

Our carers are trained to:

  • Stay calm
  • Assess the situation
  • Ensure personal safety
  • Call for help

  • Notify the client's emergency contact
  • Provide immediate care within their capabilities
  • Document details
  • Stay with the client offering support

Are you a licensed and insured home care agency?

Yes, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Can I contact references from other clients who have used your service?

You can find reviews from our past clients on Homecare






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