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Our Home Care Services in Enfield, Hertfordshire and North London

home care in enfield, north london and hertfordshire

What we Provide

Elderly Care

Elderly care can encompass any number of things. Your loved one may simply need someone to drop in every week, or they may need substantial assistance to help manage a condition such as dementia. Whatever is the case, we have the experience and knowledge to help your loved one effectively. We will work with you and your loved one to formulate a care package that will promote independence and ensure your loved one is cared for the way they want.

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Enablement Care and Physical Disability Care

If you have been discharged from hospital following a serious injury, it is often the case that support is still required. If so, we can provide care that will enable you to work towards your long term goals. We will work with you, your loved ones and medical professionals to create a person centred care package that will assist you on the road to recovery.

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immediate care and respite

Respite Care

If you care for a loved one, you deserve a break as much as anyone else. If you would like a few hours of rest a day or you want to take a holiday break, you can trust us to provide effective care and support while you are gone. If you would like some respite home care in Enfield, Hertfordshire or North London, contact us to find out more.

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Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Care

Research has shown that difficulties with mental health can affect around one in four of the population. It has also been shown that the best way to manage these conditions is through effective support and assistance. This is what we provide at Time2Care (Barnet). We are able to help with a whole range of conditions including dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression. Routine and stability are crucial to effective mental health care, and this will be reflected in the care we provide.

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Our Services

These lists are by no means exhaustive, and we can tailor our services to match the needs of you or your loved one. To find out more about home care in Enfield, Hertfordshire or North London, get in touch to have a chat with one of our friendly team.

Companionship Services

Interacting with others is key to wellbeing. We can provide compassionate companionship and care that will ensure that you or your loved one are never lonely.

We can  

  • Offer companionship and conversation
  • Monitor diet and eating
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Stimulate and encourage through a variety of activities
  • Arrange appointments, activities and outings
  • Organise mail and write letters
  • Assist with walking (Lending an arm to steady)
  • Accompany you to appointments and social events 

Personal Care Services

We can provide effective personal care to help you with all the tasks that are essential to daily living.

We can  

  • Help with bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Help with continence care
  • Assist to eat and drink
  • Provide dementia/Alzheimer care
  • Provide respite/convalescence care

Home Help Services

If you need any kind of assistance maintaining your home, we can help with any number of tasks however great or small.

We can  

  • Run errands/collect prescriptions etc.
  • Provide light housekeeping/complete laundry
  • Make beds/change linen
  • Organise and tidy cupboards
  • Plan, prepare and tidy away meals
  • Answer the door
  • Assist with pet care
  • Help with shopping

Sleepovers/24 Hour Care

Should you need assistance through the night, we can provide 24 hour care through the night, to give you or your loved one total peace of mind.

We can  

  • Help prepare for bed
  • Remind client about medication if required
  • Prepare snack or drink
  • Help to bed if required
  • Assist during the night, if required