Companionship care

Providing companionship and company is one of the most important things that a carer can do, and our companionship services are here for any service user who is isolated.




Our carers provide social interaction, conversation, and companionship to combat loneliness and isolation.

a nurse hugging an elderly lady


a carer holding hands with an elderly lady in a wheelchair


Emotional support

The carer offers emotional support and a listening ear to the elderly individual, helping them cope with any feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress.



Medication reminders

The carer can assist with medication management by reminding the elderly person to take their medications at the proper times. 

a lady helping an elderly lady organise her medication and writing a plan in a journal


a nurse helping a clean a table in an elderly lady's house


Light housekeeping

This may involve tidying up the living space, doing laundry, and light household chores to maintain a clean and organised environment.



Meal preparation

The carer can help plan, prepare, and cook nutritious meals for the elderly person, taking into consideration any dietary restrictions or preferences.

a nurse bringing a tray of food to an elderly lady


a nurse helping an elderly gentleman out of the passenger seat of a car


Transportation assistance

Our care service may provide transportation services, accompanying the elderly person to medical appointments, social events, or running errands.